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These Things Take Time Rebrands as Pfizz™

Louisville, CO (7/30/19) – These Things Take Time is rebranding as Pfizz™ and is relaunching its probiotic sparkling beverages in a sleek 12 fl oz can with a whole new look. 

Founder, Carolyn Ford, started making krauts and fermented beverages as a way to heal her own gut after a series of health issues. Ford launched These Things Take Time in 2014 selling at local Colorado farmers markets and eventually into independent grocery stores.  Pfizz™ has been available in select stores only in a glass 16 fl oz bottle. “The new cans are a better single serving size and much more secure to ship, making it possible for us to sell online and reach people outside the Front Range,” Ford said. As an added benefit aluminum requires far less energy to recycle than glass bottles.

Ford decided to switch gears this year and focus on the success of the probiotic sparkling beverage due to its popularity and uniqueness in the marketplace. “We spent two summers talking directly to our customers at farmers markets and took that valuable feedback and put it into creating flavors that people are loving.” Similar to a kefir or kombucha, the beverage is unlike anything else out there. It is defined as wildcrafted meaning the fermentation does not come from a yeast SCOBY but instead from the natural bacteria on the organic ingredients. Pfizz™ and comes in three flavors: turmeric, ginger and beet. Each flavor is naturally low in sugar, gluten-free, GMO free and alcohol free. 

“We are excited to expand Pfizz™ into more stores and be able to sell online and sincerely thank our customers who have supported a local business,” Ford remarked.  Pfizz™ can be found in Boulder’s Lucky’s Market and Alfalfas as well as specialty grocers and Lucky’s Market in Denver. For a full list of stores, please visit the website. 

“We are evangelists for naturally probiotic foods and we are really excited to bring a new way for people to easily incorporate them into their lives for better health,” Ford added, “by substituting Pfizz™ as a replacement for a sugary drink, we hope to have a positive impact on our community’s health.”

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