Our Story

Run down, terrible digestion, bloating, inability to focus, low immune system and inflammation. Like many of you I was suffering from all of this and was looking for a solution through food.

Way back in July of 2008 I was a very healthy, active 42-year-old. I had recently returned from a backpacking trip in the Flat Tops and was preparing for an October wedding. Unfortunately I had an injury to my neck that damaged one of my arteries. Just days later, a clot broke loose and I suffered a major stroke.

During recovery I gained an alarming amount of weight and my blood pressure skyrocketed. I was taking such a crazy cocktail of medicines and supplements that my digestive system just collapsed and I developed IBS. As anyone who has suffered with IBS can tell you, IBS is just a vague diagnosis given to you when they don’t really know what’s wrong or how to fix it.

From Engineer to Fermenter Mad Scientist

Finally a health professional told me “I can’t fix you" and recommended eating fermented foods.  An engineer by trade, I knew there had to be a way to "solve" this problem and went to work. Soon my kitchen was covered in bubbly jars of various vegetable medleys. Within a month of consuming my recipes, I was feeling much better and had gotten a good part my life back.

Launch of These Things Take Time

I became obsessed with learning as much as I could about the fermentation process and the effects of fermented foods on the body. In 2014 my husband suggested I dabble in selling it to the public, like many who start a food business. I launched These Things Take Time that summer with a few farmers market appearances. There was definitely a need and people were seeking out my sauerkrauts.

In 2016 I decided to leave the cubicle world for good and focus helping others heal themselves just like I did.

From Sauerkraut to Pfizz

I had been trying to get my husband to consume more fermented foods, and especially ones with turmeric. He is a bicyclist and his knees hurt. He had taken ibuprofen regularly for several years, which had some side-effects. I went back to my "lab" and created what is now the Turmeric Pfizz. The body absorbs fermented turmeric much more quickly than unfermented so it is extra powerful. It worked, he became a true believer and the Pfizz line was born.

The human microbiome affects almost every aspect of our lives. In addition to digestion, it influences our immune system, moods, cravings, weight and brain function. So even though I started fermenting because I wanted relief from IBS, I ended up discovering an important key to helping my poor, damaged brain as well.

Carolyn Ford, founder and owner of These Things Take Time.