What is PFIZZ?


Looking for a sparkling, fizzy beverage that hits all of your taste buds perfectly and leaves you wanting more? Tried Kombucha and it just isn’t doing it for you? Well, Pfizz is your new dream drink. So what is Pfizz? Pfizz is a probiotic drink that includes bacterial fermentation (pronounced just like "fizz and the "P" stands for Probiotic) but it is not classified as Kombucha. Probiotic drinks like ours have several different health benefits associated with them, as they include live microorganisms that can be consumed through fermented foods or supplements. (https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/8-health-benefits-of-probiotics) So crack a can open to support your healthy lifestyle and balance out your gut bacteria.

It Helps Gut Health
Digestion is our obsession! Gut health plays a significant role in our overall wellness. It specifically refers to the balance of microorganisms that live in our digestive tracks. Tilt that scale one way too far, and it severely impacts day to day routines and health regimes. With Pfizz, you know you’re helping to regulate this balance and ensure that your body is a happy and strong one.

It’s Low in Sugar 
When we were first dreaming up the Pfizz recipe, we made sure it was low in sugar - because it doesn’t need to be dosed with sucrose to be delicious! Sugar consumption is at a record high in America, having jumped significantly from “37g per day in the 1970s to a record high of 62.5g per day in the 2000s.” https://www.thediabetescouncil.com/45-alarming-statistics-on-americans-sugar-consumption-and-the-effects-of-sugar-on-americans-health/ And while we love a little chocolate just like the next person, avoiding excess sugar is necessary to keep our bodies functioning as effectively as possible. At Pfizz, having a low amount of
sugar without losing a delicious, sweet taste is a huge priority for us. 

Take Your Pick Between Three Flavors
Pfizz is made up of three classic flavors: turmeric, ginger, and beet. Each of these flavors comes with a complete set of nutritional benefits. Turmeric is excellent for helping with anti-inflammatory issues. Ginger has wonderful calming properties and can help reduce nausea. And beets are loaded with antioxidants! We chose and crafted each flavor very intentionally, so you know when you take a sip of Pfizz, you are bettering your health and well-being.


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