What is Pfizz?

PFIZZ™ is a refreshing "probiotic fizzy" drink (see what we did there?) that is naturally probiotic.

To make Pfizz™, we use fresh, organic roots and ferment them with raw local honey. Wild fermentation creates a broader spectrum of probiotics for your body.

Pfizz™ is:






PLUS every sip provides the living cultures your body needs.


Ginger Pfizz


Turmeric Pfizz


Beet Pfizz

Wildcrafted in the Shadow of the Colorado Rocky Mountains

We didn't just make up the term Wildcrafted. We don't add anything to start the fermentation. It is simply the natural bacteria on the roots we use and raw honey that take care of the entire process for us. We simply care for Pfizz and the magic just happens, as nature intended.  

"It's like a probiotic LaCroix but with even more flavor! Its light and naturally sparkling what more could you ask for? My kids love it!"

Gary P.

"I have tried pill form probioitics in the past, as well as gut shots and kombucha. I could never stick with any of it because either the taste was so strong it was hard to add into a daily routine or I didn't feel like it was working. I was introduced to Pfizz and was amazed how it worked for me. I noticed within a week my bloating and inflammation had decreased and continued to after."

Courtney S.